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Audi vehicles equipped with MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch are designed to deliver an entirely new level of intelligence with intuitive ease of operation. This system enables you to access and operate your vehicles telephone, information, navigation and media and entertainment features. 

Using the MMI controls, MMI Touch Pad or the advanced Voice Recognition System, you can:
- Listen to FM, AM, SiriusXM satellite radio or personal media players, such as an iPod.
- Play portable audio or video media, such as CDs, DVDs and SD cards.
- Receive navigational information through map displays and voice guidance.
- Make hands-free Bluetooth cellular phone calls.

The Audi MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch seamlessly blends advanced technologies with a human touch.

Audi vehicles equipped with the MMI Navigation plus with MMI touch let you connect Bluetooth-enabled telephones and audio devices using the vehicle's Multi Media Interface. Once connected, you can safely use the vehicle's advanced Voice Recognition System to operate many cell phone "commands" hands-free.

For more information about the media and entertainment capabilities of Audi vehicles equipped with the MMI Navigation plus with MMI touch, be sure to view the additional video modules available and to review your Audi Owner's Manual as well as the MMI Navigation plus Operating Instructions.

Audi vehicles equipped with the MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch enable you to navigate to your destination with settings customized to your preferences, including:
- Personalized route plans
- Map displays
- Map orientations
- Traffic updates
- Dynamic Routing
- Route Criteria
- And more

You can even save any destination or stopover as a "Favorite" or as your "Home."  The Audi MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch not only lets you decide where you want to go, it guides you there.

Your Audi enables you to personalize many vehicle controls and settings to put the "center of power and control" at your fingertips. The system offers 27 distinct driving configurations, allowing drivers to configure vehicle drive characteristics exactly to their liking. Using the Audi Multi Media Interface Navigation plus controls you can select your preferred Drive Mode and, by selecting the Car Systems menu.

You can also set, reset or check many vehicle features, including:
- Exterior Lighting
- Lock settings
- Intervals
- Tire Pressure Monitoring System

And many additional features.  The Audi M-M-I Navigation plus puts personalized vehicle settings and controls at your fingertips.

Audi vehicles equipped with the MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch let you operate many of the vehicle?s entertainment and media options using the MMI controls, MMI Touchpad, multifunctional steering wheel or the advanced Voice Recognition System, including:

High Definition FM, AM and SiriusXM satellite radio stations | Personal music players, such as an iPod or USB drive | Music or video from CDs, DVDs, and SD cards |Personal music and video collections saved to the Audi Jukebox

The Audi M-M-I Navigation plus with exceptional entertainment and media options makes an already engaging drive that much more entertaining!

Audi vehicles equipped with the MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch enable you to use the vehicle?s advanced Voice Recognition System to control the Multi Media Interface as well as many Navigation, Telephone, Radio and Media functions. Using simple voice commands, the system also enables you to seamlessly switch from one function to another.

The advanced Voice Recognition System from Audi gives power and control to your voice!

Audi models equipped with the Pre Sense preventive passenger protection system provide an elevated level of safety for vehicle occupants in certain driving situations.

Depending on your Audi model, Pre Sense may include the following:

- Audi Pre Sense Basic: triggered in certain driving situations when the vehicle is traveling at speeds in excess of 20 miles per hour.
- Audi Pre Sense Front: included in vehicles equipped with Audi Pre Sense Plus and Adaptive Cruise Control, which combine to provide an elevated level of occupant protection in the event of a potential front-end collision with a stationary object or moving vehicle.

- Audi Pre Sense Rear: Also included with Pre Sense Plus, which operates with Audi Side Assist to alert you of a potential rear collision with a vehicle approaching from behind.

Audi Pre Sense is just one more Audi-exclusive feature designed to protect Audi occupants as well as other vehicles' occupants on the road.

For more information about the Audi Pre Sense capabilities, be sure to view the additional video modules available and to refer to your Audi Owner's Manual as well as the MMI Navigation plus Operating instructions.

Audi vehicles equipped with MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch offer you the first automotive online experience with Audi connect™. Using the MMI Navigation plus with Google Earth allows you to view satellite and aerial imagery with 3D terrain combined with an on-board road map and online Points of Interest, plus numerous exclusive Online Services.

With Audi connect™ you also can:
- Zoom in on the display to show higher definition images, or zoom out for a wider panoramic view.
- View Sirius -XM Traffic reports while using Google Earth.
- Display icons for various Points of Interest.

With Audi connect™, you can always stay connected  with the latest information, news and route options available at your fingertips or the sound of your voice.

Audi A6 and A7 models are equipped with an advanced seating system to provide occupants with outstanding comfort and safety.  The front seating system includes:
- Standard 18-way adjustable front seats
- Standard heated front and available rear seats
- Available ventilated front seats
- Available front-seat memory feature

With their exceptional seating options, the Audi A6 and A7 adapt to their occupants' comfort as surely as they adapt to the road.

Audi models equipped with the available Night Vision Assistant with Pedestrian Detection provide vehicle occupants and pedestrians with an added measure of safety and protection from the danger of a nighttime collision. The high-tech Night Vision system uses an infrared camera to monitor the area in front of your vehicle at night. The system can detect pedestrians that are between 50 and 300 feet in front of the vehicle at temperature below 74º. Warm areas appear lighter and cool images appear darker in the instrument cluster display.

Available Audi Night Visions settings include:
- Highlight pedestrian
- Warning Tone
- Contrast
The Night Vision Assistant is just one more technological advantage from Audi to help keep you, your passengers and pedestrians safer.

Audi A6 and A7 models equipped with the advanced Audi Automatic Climate Control system automatically regulate the interior temperature and humidity to ensure maximum comfort.

Standard or available Automatic Climate Control features include: Three or Four Zone Automatic Climate Control | Heated and Ventilated Front Seats | Heated Steering Wheel | Automatic Recirculation | Heated Outside Rearview Mirrors | Heated Windshield

With their advanced automatic climate control system, the Audi A6 and A7 let you control your interior environment with the same degree of comfort and confidence the vehicle delivers on the road.

Audi models equipped with the available Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System deliver a truly astounding audio experience that makes every road a stage.

Among its many advanced features included with the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System are Surround Sound with:  Sound Focus | Surround Level | Volume Balancing with dynamic driving noise compensation

With the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System, you can enjoy concert-hall quality sound wherever you travel in your Audi.

Integration between driver and vehicle is the hallmark of Audi technology. HomeLink takes that integration one step further, using a simple, 3-button system to control your garage door, gates and even lights in your home. The Homelink system is integrated into the overhead controls of your vehicle and eliminates the need for clumsy garage door openers. Based on an integrated, radio frequency (RF) transceiver, HomeLink is quickly and easily programmed and works with over 98% of operating garage door openers. And three buttons means you can also program other garage doors, gates, and even lights in your home using optional accessories. Meshing the driving experience with the comforts of home is what HomeLink, and Audi, are all about.

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is designed to continuously monitor your tire pressure to detect underinflated tires and by that avoiding hazards that may be encountered with underinflated tires. Properly inflated tires insure best fuel economy, best handling/ stopping capability and will also provide superior ride comfort for your Audi.

The adaptive cruise control (ACC) option monitors the distance between your vehicle and vehicles in front of you via radar sensors. When engaged, the feature automatically reduces and increases speed to maintain the safe preset distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If there is no traffic ahead of you, the adaptive cruise control maintains your set speed.

The parking system advanced with rearview camera makes parking and reversing easier by providing a real-time view of the rear parking area through the Multi-Media Interface® screen. As you turn the steering wheel, two orange lines will show you the predicted path of your vehicle. The system utilizes sensors to detect obstacles and uses intermittent audible tones to convey the distance to the driver.

Seamlessly synch up your Apple iPhone to your Audi via Bluetooth® connection or the optional Audi Music Interface. Use your iPhone as a telephone, including contacts and much more. Also set up your iPhone as an iPod to navigate through songs, playlists and more via the entertainment function.

Both the standard intelligent key and the advanced key offer enhanced convenience and security allowing for a variety of ways to lock and unlock, as well as start and turn off your Audi.  With the optional advanced key, the car can be unlocked and started without removing the key from your pocket or purse.

Audi side assist system monitors the blind spot areas to identify other vehicles located to the rear and sides.  If another vehicle is identified, Audi side assist informs the driver via LED lights in the exterior mirror.

SIRIUS Traffic™, available on Audi vehicles equipped with the available 3G MMI Navigation system, is a feature that helps keep drivers better informed with continuously updated traffic information. The SIRIUS Traffic™ feature provides updated information about traffic speed and flow, construction, road closures and other traffic-related incidents for more than 100 metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. Integrated with the Audi Navigation system, SIRIUS Traffic™ can help you determine the fastest ? and safest ? route to your destination using the dynamic navigation feature.

Pricing, programming, schedule and channel assignments are subject to change. Check for the latest updates. Subscriptions are governed by SIRIUS. Terms & Conditions available at

All Audi vehicles are engineered with an advanced windshield wiper and washer system with multiple speed settings that can automatically sense rain and adjust wiper operations accordingly. The Audi system also features a washer mode with heated washer jets to clean your windshield. In addition, select Audi models are also equipped with a rear window wiper and washer system to help ensure rearward visibility in various weather conditions (available on A3, A4 Avant, A6 Avant, Q5 and Q7).